Most Wanted of the Sea


Menaces to Society

Not all have come to Isola for gain of country, some instead travelling the waters and ports to reap the advantages of a new land with no formal rule. These individuals range from known by every tavern keeper to so unknown their wanted poster is simply a title and question mark. Below are a short-hand list of known criminals with bounties over a thousand gold.

The Sea Reaver, wanted by Caylan and Serin for 5,000 and 6,500 respectively.

Known as a boastful captain of a large galleon referred to as the “The Tusk”, the Reaver is told from the testaments of his victims as a Minotauren with horns formed from gold, with the demeanor of a too-cheery trader instead of one of the most prolific pirates known to society. His crew often stalks trade and nobleman galleons, waiting several paces away. If the tracked ship throws up a flag of white, the Tusk crew boards the ship, restrain the men on board, and proceeds to take almost everything of value. If no flag is thrown up, the boarding process is much more violent in nature, with many ships returning to port almost in half from damages caused by ramming. The Sea Reaver has eluded capture so far, but his name and reputation has caused many to wonder how he remains so well hidden.

Barnette, wanted by Caylan and Serin for 4,000 and 3,000 respectively.

Little is known of Barnette besides her involvement with the death of Grelmph, a pirate captain who had retained a bounty of 20,000 before his death. Ex-members of his crew say that on one morning at sea, Barnette, who at the time was just a common deckhand, challenged Grelmph in front of the crew to leadership of the vessel. Being a man of great strength and skill, he laughed at her challenge up until reports saying he had a rapier in his eye and two arrows in his entrails, effectively ending his laughing, and life. Now in charge of his once-owned vessel the Damsel, she is considered one of the most serious threats to any ship she attacks.

Prataxis, wanted by Caylan for 5,000

Prataxis was a Galderon native who was present during the seizing of the city. After watching his native leader be put in shackles he has taken a group of rebels and begun the disruption of Caylan trade ships in an attempt to cause disruption for the ports within Isola. So far he has ignored Serin ships, but the temperament shown by him and his crew may cause that to change at any time.

Alejstra, warned of by most cities to avoid at all costs

The infamous ship known as “Alejstra” has posters of it’s decayed appearance on almost every wanted poster, with the only words underneath being “Avoid at all costs”, Caylan has rescinded the 10,000 bounty on it out of fear it has caused too many ships have been lost attempting to destroy it. The few survivors recount the ship being infested with ghastly translucent sailors, with out being able to see a single living person.


Most Wanted of the Sea

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