Laznabog Krimm


Laznabog Krimm is a middle aged man, quite distinguished, and quite exotic. Even at a glance, it is clear he hails far from beyond the Island Kingdoms. His attire somewhat resembles a strange cross between that of a noble and scholar, and he moves with a quill and ink like a samurai with blade and blood. He is prone to other eccentric behavior like talking to himself, mumbling seemingly inconsequential incantations, and sleeping in a decorative mask and plush royal blue robes.

He came to the Islands as both a scout and diplomat. In search of cultures and resources to establish potential pipelines to his home continent, he is always open to establishing new contacts. It is almost inscrutable for the islanders to determine what would be of interest to him; he is just as likely find fascination with the bone of a small rodent as with prized jewel.

He has found some common ground with the Serin Kingdom, as their interest seem to routinely overlap. He often claims to be one of their own, but he can be a bit mercurial and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear him claim allegiance to the Caylan if it would mean furthering his diplomatic mission.

When Laznabog died on the field of battle. His magics faded, and his true form of a Tiefling was revealed.


Laznabog Krimm

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