Ivan Rorcsh


Ivan Rorche is both a very gifted and hungry mind. For him, unlocking the mysteries of the universe always felt just at the edge of his reach. Producing fire from his fingers was a natural extrapolation of producing fire from flint. Physics became a plaything, how things react, how images travel, all this was an exquisite game. There was so much documentation about how the world worked, but the peons around him were somehow simply unable to connect the dots. His formula was simple: Pass the knowledge of giants through the lens of a magnifying glass to wield the power of the gods.

But as Ivan grew in age, the exponential growth of his youth began to dampen in speed. However, his awakened consciousness in the physical world had several times steered him to ponderings of a non-physical nature. Religion, mysticism, occult, all seemed to offer some glimpses of beings more skilled than he at rewriting the reality program.

And then entered Glasya; a beautiful and brilliant seductress that took an interest in Ivan. She offered to increase his knowledge tenfold in exchange for his service in the afterlife. Some mixture of desire and arrogance led Ivan to believe he could somehow better the dark queen. He indulged in her offer, but always thought that in the back of his mind he would be able to re-engineer his side of the agreement.

Glasya held up her end of the deal, Ivan’s mind is a major force of manipulation. But he is still bewildered as to how he can one up his benefactor. During his studies, he learned of another who made a somewhat similar deal. One with the actual blood of the devil’s in his veins, one with whom Glasya still held commune. Ivan decided this was his ticket to stealing back his soul, a mortal with direct access to the dark goddess. He researched Laznabog, and spied on him continuously. But when his best lead died on the field of battle, so did some of Ivan’s hopes at reclaiming his soul.

In an attempt to pick up whatever scraps of knowledge Laznabog left behind, he has attempted to continue on in his footsteps. Tending to his quests, reading his manuscripts, and hoping to find anything he can use as leverage for his afterlife.

Ivan Rorcsh

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